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LaCie 324i IPS monitor

01 December 2011 Tags: , ,

LaCie 324i IPS monitor Fornt

The LaCie 324i is a 24-inch IPS monitor aimed mainly at creative to its line of professional displays. It is a large screen that delivers uniform and accurate colours but flexible enough to connect to your devices for the activities. Then you will not be disappointed.

LaCie 324i IPS monitor Side

LaCie 324i IPS monitor has the smooth gradients and colour balance looked great

LaCie 324i IPS monitor launched with 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution P-IPS panel Type, Apsect Ratio 16:10 and Response Time 6ms. The display’s wide color gamuts, 102% NTSC, 98% AdobeRGB combined 1,000:1 of contrast ratio as a result it has a deep blacks and exceptional colour contrast. The LaCie 324i IPS monitor also has 1.073 billion colors including 10-bit gamma correction that calculates color transitions.
LaCie 324i IPS monitor Portrait

LaCie 324i P-IPS monitor was designed with efficiency and ease of use.

Like its competitors, the 324i's IPS Monitor offers a 178° viewing angle, which means that you can visible from multiple axes without a change in the picture. The ergonomic support help you to adjustments the screen were simple and easy. You can height adjustment, tilt, left and right swivel, and 90-degree pivot to vertical. The dark gray chassis has a smooth finish. Further, its anti glare panel that you will not have to worry about unwanted reflections of your environment.

LaCie 324i IPS monitor Input port

The LaCie’s IPS Monitor also comes equipped a variety of connections for computers and video devices include DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI and component. And, there are also USB that two upstream ports and one downstream port. All connections are located on the back of the display.
LaCie 324i IPS monitor adjustment

LaCie 324i IPS monitor is available now and price starts from $1,099.00 at If you are interested, you can find more information by visiting

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The good: The LaCie 324i provides accurate color, deep blacks, and a host of ergonomic options.
The bad: The LaCie 324i takes some tweaking to minimize its green push. Also, for its price and size it offers less value than other monitors in its class.
The bottom line: The LaCie 324i is a decently priced pro monitor that performs well but unfortunately can't compete in bang-for-buck terms with offerings from Dell and NEC.

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The LaCie 324i is a 24in monitor aimed mainly at creative professionals. However, with a glut of connection options and an optimum size for both work and play we can see it having fans among gamers and video consumers too.

Connected to a Mac Pro by DVI, the display launched in its native 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution without any intervention from us.

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