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IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor

21 November 2011

     IPS (or In-Plane Switching) monitors are one of the best all-around monitors. Because it’s provides fantastic viewing angles and accurate colors. In-plane switching technology was developed in 1996 by Hitachi Ltd. It was developed to improve on the poor viewing angle and further the poor color reproduction of TN technology (or TN panels).

IPS monitor technology was developed to replace the TN technology.

     It’s different from TN panels that the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane instead of perpendicular. This change gives IPS its characteristic wide viewing angles and good color reproduction of the display. By which it can produce a much greater colour range as 1 billion colours and have a higher resolution as 2560X1600. IPS monitors are starting to make their way into the living room in response to the consumer.  IPS Monitor is also widely used by professional Graphic artists, Photographers, Animators and Video Productions.